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Wednesday…the new Monday!

So I should warn you all that Wednesday heard that I was doing away with Monday in favor of ‘Someday’ and decided it was taking over. Apparently the days of the week need some kind of rebellious annoy-as-crap leader to make the rest of them look good in comparison. I’m working on this little glitch […]

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Holy crap, what was with Monday!!! I know it’s Tuesday (or Wednesday by the time you get this in your email), but THAT is how long it took to recover enough to write about it. I’m still traumatized! I normally wash my hair Sunday’s, Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s because I exercise from Saturday – Thursday each […]

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The Bus Chronicles (Part 1)

Facebook / Twitter Ok so I started taking the bus to work and have realized WTF IS WITH ALL THESE LUNATICS??? Apparently I board the bus to Crazytown every bloody day. Plus I’m sure they are all slowly turning into zombies and will kill me soon. Seriously, I found a bone on the bus the […]

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