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Tanning bed torture

A couple days ago I decided to start tanning so that when I get to my goal weight this Christmas and take an ‘After’ pic, I’m not blinded by the fluorescent whiteness of my tummy. Yesterday was my first appointment so I showed up, was given a quick rundown about how to use the tanning […]

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The Khaos Chronicles

Day 1 (Monday Aug 10th) 11 am: Picked up our new 8 week old puppy, Khaos. She was completely calm after initial two minutes of whining and ended up sleeping on Jenna the rest of the one hour drive home. I’m in love! 3 pm: Jenna thinks puppy shouldn’t sleep so much because it interferes […]

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Back pain and all that shit!

The other day a friend of mine was telling me about his back-pain woes. You know that whole “straw that broke the camel’s back” thing where your back behaves totally awesome one second and then the next you bend slightly to scoop a cup of ice out of the MacDonald’s ice bin and suddenly those […]

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Interview with a Manitoba author!

For a change of pace today, I’m going to do an interview with another Manitoba author. Casia Schreyer is an author from rural Manitoba. She is married with two children and has been focusing on her family and her writing. So Casia, what genres and authors do you enjoy reading? I’ll read anything, really. I […]

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Onions and tomatoes, and peppers! Oh my!

So on Monday I decided to try to make this chip dip thing that boyfriend’s parents make when we go over for Sunday suppers. It basically consists of white onion, tomatoes, and Serrano peppers. Pretty simple. Normally I hate raw onions. The only way I can stand them is on McDonald’s hamburgers when they are cut […]

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Death Fish

I’m sure you all remember my familys’ menagerie of creatures, but for those of you who have suddenly come down with a debilitating case of Alzheimer’s, allow me to remind you: I had sucky-fish (tank cleaning creature) My two youngest girls had fishies galore…all named ‘Fishy’ My oldest daughter had Chicken the Cute Gecko Philis […]

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