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Today at work, there was just the office manager and I up front because our co-worker decided to take a long weekend. Remember Gimpy? Yeah that one. Don’t worry she didn’t break anything else…yet.

Now let me explain…the three of us have a seriously fun time at work. I’m talking stomach cramping laughter, piss your pants kind of fun. It’s awesome! I feel sorry for the patients actually; we’re just so damn happy it’s confusing to them…and possibly angering. Normally these poor people are coming into the office with extreme tooth pain, so seeing people so damn laughy (I’ve decided that’s a word) and happily enjoying their non-pain might get some a little pissed off.

Oh well, such is life.

Anyway, back to my story: We were at work sans Gimpy, and O.M. (office manager) had just gotten back from Rexall with a bag of assorted gummies…because we’re both on a diet.

She proceeds to dump the gummies onto our note pads (in lieu of a plate) then makes some lurid comment about the two-cherries-on-a-stem one looking like balls.













Anyway, that joke got out of hand and is faaaar too much to put on such an innocent blog, but then we started drawing pictures around the cherries.



cherry girl


VERY UN-INNOCENT CHERRY (but far more innocent than the other picture that I’ll keep to myself)









We also started sending messages to Gimpy about how much fun we were having without her and texting her the hand-drawn cherry pictures which almost caused her to crash her car, which now that I think about, probably would have filled a month of blog posts.

Not that I’m TRYING to injure the woman just to have blog fodder…after all, she does that so damn well all on her own.

Anyway, long story short, things got out of hand, balls and boobs were flying all over the place and we all almost died/crashed because we were laughing so bloody hard all day.

The rest of the afternoon continued to be a funny mess, and between fairly constant Alzheimer’s moments (O.M.) and laughing so hard I almost gave myself an asthma attack…it was a fantastic day at the office.

My point here is: I have fantastic, hilarious co-workers who make coming to work every day something to look forward to…therefore I have decided I have a pretty damn awesome life 😀

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 Posted on : March 13, 2014

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