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Hi everyone, welcome to my new, permanent blog. I’ll be adding new features and possibly new pages over time depending on how adventurous and inspired I’m feeling. Feel free to leave suggestions.

For those of you who were automatically getting my updated posts by email from the old site, or my RSS feed, you will need to re-subscribe on here (the right side of the page) because I won’t be using the old blog anymore to post new stuff, so sadly you’ll be out of the loop and that would be a terrible thing because then you’ll have to go through your days bored and inconsolable, dragging yourself listlessly from home to work and back without any sunshine in your life whatsoever, and you’ll eventually drift into the deepest darkest depths of despair. That would really suck so hurry damn it…only a limited number of spaces left <— just kidding but really…huuuuuurrrrryyyyyy!!!

Ok now that we’ve got that covered…I hope you love the new site!

Check back a couple times a week to see what kinds of quotes or funny crap I’ve added! Ooooh or new pages…I might just suddenly decide to add one because I was bored or something 😀


Spread the Word, like or share this page, your friends will also love it and thanks for it.

 Posted on : August 27, 2014

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