The Bus Chronicles (Part 6)

So I’m pretty sure I was involved in a threesome on my bus ride home today. What on earth is it with people thinking the bus is their own personal space? The pick their noses, scratch their privates, smell, fart, and basically try their best to make me vomit on a daily basis. I’m not […]

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The Bus Chronicles (Part 5)

This morning on the bus, there was a girl putting mascara on while holding a Robin’s Donuts cup of coffee between her knees and looking into the side of her mascara container…which I could only assume held a sliver of mirror. Two things immediately stuck out here; firstly…she hadn’t drunk her coffee yet so she […]

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The Bus Chronicles (Part 4)

Bus zombies are incredibly disgusting. I was taking the bus home yesterday and was sitting forward, facing the sideways bench at the front of the bus. This means the woman in front of me was like…in my face!!! She had a cold and pulled out Kleenex to blow her nose. Here’s the thing… I HATE […]

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The Bus Chronicles (Part 3)

My bus rides are never boring, and Friday’s was no exception. I had woken up at 4:30 that morning with a bad migraine, so by the time 6am rolled around, it took longer than normal to get ready for work. My migraine was down to a dull roar at that point, thanks to my life-saving […]

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Work stories (Part 2)

Ok so most of you know how much morning hates me right? Despite the fact that I’m a very happy and positive person…if I don’t get my required cup of coffee and some quiet time alone when I first wake up, I’m liable to go medieval on any poor soul who even thinks of speaking […]

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Holy crap, what was with Monday!!! I know it’s Tuesday (or Wednesday by the time you get this in your email), but THAT is how long it took to recover enough to write about it. I’m still traumatized! I normally wash my hair Sunday’s, Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s because I exercise from Saturday – Thursday each […]

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