October 2014

Archie the Sick Betta JPG

The Pantin Menagerie of Pets

Ahhhh pets! Is it just me, or should pets actually be…pet-able??? What I would give for a sweet, cuddly dog. Once in a while I attempt to be a good pet owner’s mother and actually clean the fish tank of the fishies that belong to my two youngest kids. We have 10 now, and why […]

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Tea story

Conversation with my 18 year old daughter last night:   ME: Hey Jenna, can you please make me some of your chai tea? JENNA: But I only have 30 left! ME: Actually you have 20. JENNA: But I only have 20 left! ME: No wait, you had one today…19. JENNA: *sigh* But I only have […]

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