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Call me Sparkles…

I decided to do some summery crafts with my munchkins yesterday in hopes that it would convince that stubborn season to come out of hiding a bit sooner.

I planned for them to make summer-like things that we could string in front of the window.

craft stuff 1

I planned for them to use craft paper and scissors.


I planned for them to glue beans and things to the craft paper.


I planned for them to color it.



*hanging my head in dismay*

Let me be clear on this…I did not plan for them to use glitter.

After all…I’m not a complete idiot!

It just happened to be in the box when we were looking through our craft stuff.

I’m not sure exactly what kind of insane thought was going through my mind when I agreed to let them use it, but whatever the thought was…it was stupid!

What kind of madman invented glitter anyway?

This person could NOT have had young children because if he or she did, they would know that glitter magically makes its way onto every single part of the human body with no provocation whatsoever.

Glitter also has the audacity to think it’s meant to be worn as an accessory days later.

It also flies through the air with the greatest of ease and ends up in parts of the house you were never even close to…EVER!

There’s even some in my van though God only knows how it got there since I was the only one in the van since and I know I scrubbed every single part of me raw in order to rid myself of the annoying crap.

The only question that keeps going through my mind now is…

Why the hell did I pack it back into the damn craft box…AGAIN!?!?

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