iPhone fun!

Ok so today Lexi came into my room looking a little guilty and worried but I didn’t question it because that’s pretty much how my kids look every freaking day.

Within 30 seconds Sky runs downstairs sounding like a herd of elephants that were suddenly let loose in my little, creaky, no-insulation-between-the-hardwood floor-and-basement house.

She barges into my bedroom where I’m attempting to adopt a zen-like tranquility, and immediately starts telling on her little sister. I shush her and tell her to take a breath.

Let me give you the back story here. Both my little ones have iphones and we have 2 appleTV’s in our house.

Because I have very LITTLE patience for people who get offended by every single thing in life that has nothing to do with their own life or affects them in ANY FREAKING WAY POSSIBLE…before you start going on about “OMG little kids shouldn’t have iphones blah, blah, blah, blah, kill-me-now” let me assure your offended self that these are phones that were passed down from adults who didn’t need them anymore and have no ‘phone’ or ‘data’ capabilities because I’m not insane enough to pay for a $70 data plan for 7 and 10 year old children. Basically they are just ipod’s on steroids. Feel better now?

Ok back to my story…

So at this point I had been trying to write all day, and my little blessings had been focused on CONSTANTLY interrupting my delightful creative process with questions, issues, and fighting ALL DAY. Yes they probably needed a little attention, but sometimes children simply have to understand that they can’t get what they want at the exact moment they want it every freaking time. It’s those kinds of children who grow up with the entitled attitude that pisses of the rest of the world. Trust me…they get plenty of attention when I’m not busy working.

Hmmmm…I’m starting to think I have some repressed anger issues 😀 This is possibly why I’m such an extreme introvert and prefer the safety and judgement-free confines of my own quiet little home lol.

Anyway…at some point I’ll actually get to the end of my little story.

Ok so here’s how it went down. I closed my eyes, mentally preparing myself and finding the patience I knew was hidden deep inside somewhere, then sighed and said, “Continue my dear”.

SKY: You know how you can make stuff from your iphone go through the AppleTV box and appear on the tv?

ME: Uh huh…

SKY: Ok well I was watching a show and Lexi kept interrupting it by making YouTube stuff appear on the tv from her iPhone!

ME: *deep breath*

Normally I’d get annoyed and tell Lexi or Sky to stop bugging their sister, but for some reason…maybe it was because I was still experiencing my delightful exercise high…what my 7 year old was doing to her 10 year old sister was the funniest freaking thing ever at that moment…and so completely genius.

According to Lexi, Sky couldn’t figure out at first what was going on and kept clicking the back button on the AppleTV remote and re-starting the show while Lexi hid behind a door giggling her little butt off. The thing about this app is that you only have to be in the wifi area to control the tv, not the same room.

I started giggling.


ME: I’m sorry baby, ok wait…*covering my mouth and turning red*

LEXI: What are you doing mom?

ME: Trying to find my angry face, hang on…

At this point I full out start laughing which made both girls see the hilarity in the situation and start laughing their butts off too. Needless to say Lexi didn’t end up getting in trouble for her little prank except for me telling to not to bug her sister anymore.

Sky went back upstairs to continue her show while Lexi opted to lie in bed with me (where I write) and watch my tv.

Just as I started getting back to work, I realized that my iPhone was hooked up to BOTH AppleTV’s.


Lexi and I then proceed to record a short video on my iPhone then send it to Sky’s tv. Cue the elephants racing across the floor and down the stairs again while Sky yells, “MOTHER! YOU ARE JUST AS BAD AS LEXI!!!”

Lexi and I of course dissolve into a fit of giggles which Sky was forced to join in against her will because we are just so damn funny 🙂



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