My brain was apparently on vacation today.

So here’s the insanity that went through my mind today.

I was at a store that was having a closing down clearance sale.

While walking through, I noticed a rack of kids shorts and shirts. They had ‘Canada Day’ written on them and were bright red. I thought it would be fun for my two little ones to dress alike in red for the Canada Day celebration they were going to at the park here on July 1st. They love clothes…love dressing up…would think it was fun to dress alike…what could possibly go wrong?

My next thought was, “…and if for some reason one kid gets lost, they would both be wearing all red, identical clothes so we’ll just tell people to look for what the other kid is wearing”.

I have to be honest and admit that it wasn’t until I got home and unpacked it that I started clueing in.

I pulled both cute little outfits out of the plastic bag and held them up smiling, imagining the look on my munchkins faces when they saw them.

Slowly…oh so very slowly, my eyes started to narrow as I looked at the clothes hanging happily and knowingly on the hanger.

My brain, normally very quick to get things, was apparently on vacation today.





























So that was my stupid moment for the day. Sigh…

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