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My Inspiration…

I was recently asked by some fans what inspired me to become an author.

I wanted to come up with a quick, simple answer
but sadly that was not to happen.

As a writer, when someone asks me a question…
instead of a quick answer, my mind automatically starts up
like a diesel truck.

Why a diesel?

Well those of you who live in colder climates understand all too well
how bloody long it takes a diesel to warm up in the cold.

I can hear all you diesel fans out there getting ready to argue
that diesel is cheaper blah blah blah…yes ok, I grant you diesel IS cheaper,
but seriously…the length of time it takes to warm up in the cold
before you can finally get in and drive it, kind of makes the whole
‘cheaper’ issue invalid don’t you think?

By the time the damn truck is warmed up each time you use it
over…let’s say…a month, you’ve now wasted just as much money
as you would have if you had just had a gas vehicle and warmed it up
for about 5 mins each time.

Come on…I am completely making sense here and you know it.

Ok what the hell was I talking about anyway??? Oh right…inspiration!

So a writer naturally takes some time to think before answering questions
because in their head they are forming an entire convoluted story
with which to entertain you as they give you the answer
you have been standing there for a full five minutes waiting for.

But don’t despair, the waiting time is definitely worth it because
instead of the simple “Uhhh I don’t know, I guess I just always loved to write”,
you are now able to sit down, sip on a nice cup of coffee while the writer
spins wonderfully fabulous tales about the life changing events that led
to his or her adventure into the world of words.

The only problem is that occasionally the writer may get a little off topic
and start talking about the pro’s and con’s of diesel vs. gas.

Ok so now I’ll move on to the topic at hand…inspiration.

By the way…another problem with writers is remembering to keep their answers short.

When I was a young child I remember being totally enthralled with stories
written by Enid Blyton, a famous British children’s writer.

The books I loved most were ‘The Famous Five’, ‘The Wishing Chair’,
and ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’. Each of these were a series consisting
of many different books that had me up reading all night from the time I was six
(in Trinidad we learned to read at a high level at a very young age).

Her stories would transport me into different worlds night after night
and I fell so in love with the feeling I got every time I read her books
that I decided then and there that I was also going to become a writer
so that I could give other people the amazing gift that Enid Blyton had given me.

The first book I decided to publish was a paranormal romance called
The Immortal MacLeod, which incidentally got me
the ‘finalist’ status in the Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Award
which did a lot to convince me that I had made the right decision
in pursuing my writing career.

Sadly though, I felt as if something huge was still missing from my life,
so I was trying desperately to figure out what it was when I suddenly remembered
Enid Blyton and the joy I felt in the worlds she created.

At that moment, I decided that my writing career had to also involve children’s books.

My style of writing in that genre strongly mimics the late, great Dr. Seuss
(another fantastically amazing man and source of inspiration for me)
and my books are loosely based around the incidents that happen to my family members,
starting with my youngest daughter, moving up to my oldest and then branching off
to other family members.

I am currently working on illustrations for the books now and will hopefully
start publishing them by 2013.

My girls are very excited to see their lives in the pages of a book and I feel very blessed
to be able to give them such a wonderful gift.

Soooo, Enid Blyton, Dr. Seuss, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Karen Marie Moning…
all huge sources of inspiration for me, but I have to say without a doubt
that Enid Blyton will always stand out in my mind as the one who made me dream
of becoming a writer.

Don’t ever give up on your dream…

it may take years to achieve it,

but it’s so worth it in the end 🙂

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