bad day ahead

Ever had a bad day?

I’ve been awake for exactly 3 hours now and I’ve already yelled “Jumanji” twice! My days are usually very calm and happy, but very, very rarely I wake up and it immediately starts out as a giant sh*tshow from hell and doesn’t stop until bedtime. I do NOT enjoy those days. First of all, both […]

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March 29th 2016 JPG

The birthday decor thief!

My middle child, Sky, was invited to a birthday party the other day at a bowling alley, so her little sister and I tagged along, mostly for support as Sky gets a bit anxious in new situations. We decided that we’d make a date of it and bowl in the lane alongside the party while […]

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GolfCart jpg

Golf cart craziness

Yesterday I went out to Beausejour with my boyfriend and his kids to visit a friend of his for her birthday. I think Sonny learned a whole lot about me that day, for instance: Silly string wars will always be won by me… …and when going on golf cart adventures, it’s best to make sure I’m […]

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Aug 3rd 2014 pic 5 copy

Holy crap child!

Children are fun aren’t they? In fact I find them absolutely hilarious when I’m trying to work and they realize that I absolutely DO want them to stick their precious little faces in front my laptop and disturb the crap out of me. Not only that, I’ve found that they are always hungry for some odd […]

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