Tea story

Conversation with my 18 year old daughter last night:


ME: Hey Jenna, can you please make me some of your chai tea?

JENNA: But I only have 30 left!

ME: Actually you have 20.

JENNA: But I only have 20 left!

ME: No wait, you had one today…19.

JENNA: *sigh* But I only have 19 left!

ME: Pleeeeeze, you’ll be my favorite teenaged daughter.

JENNA: *narrowing eyes* (she’s my only teenaged daughter)

ME: C’mon, I have all this drawing stuff all over me and am soooo comfy in bed.

JENNA: I’m trying to study.

ME: Awww thanks baby, you’re such a sweetie.

JENNA: No, I said I’m…

ME: My heart bursts with love when you do such sweet things for me.

JENNA: Studying!

ME: I feel so lucky. In fact, I’m going on Facebook right now to tell the world what an awesome kid I have.

JENNA: Mom! I’m not making it!

ME: *mumbling while typing* sweetest daughter in the world…making me tea…feeling so loved…

JENNA: *irritated sigh* I’M NOT MAKING YOU TEA!!!

ME: I’m just gonna sit here and wait excitedly for my delicious tea…thanks again baby…love you.


ME: Oh my gosh, I think I’m actually tearing up because of how sweet you are.

JENNA: AAAARRRRRGGGGG FINE!!! *bangs around kitchen making tea*

ME: *giggling quietly to myself*

JENNA: *brings tea in and puts it on my bedside table*

ME: Oh…tea? Ummm why?

JENNA: *crosses arms and glares at me*

ME: Well…since it’s here I guess I’ll have to drink it. Next time you should ask if I want some though…and shouldn’t you be studying?


Parenting…doing it right!



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    • Newton
    • October 18, 2014

    Have you heard of Lyle and Erik Menendez?

    1. Reply

      LMFAO I’ll keep them in mind when I ask for tea again.

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