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The Bus Chronicles (Part 4)

Bus zombies are incredibly disgusting.

I was taking the bus home yesterday and was sitting forward, facing the sideways bench at the front of the bus. This means the woman in front of me was like…in my face!!!

She had a cold and pulled out Kleenex to blow her nose.

Here’s the thing…

I HATE when people blow their nose in front of me. It’s gross people! You are emptying icky, wet grossness into a flimsy piece of thin Kleenex AND IT SOUNDS GROSS!!!

Not only that, but once it has left your body via your nostrils IN FRONT OF ME, you somehow think it’s absolutely mandatory that you look into the damn kleenex!!!

Why? WHY?

Please, please, please tell me why you need to see exactly what came out?

Were you expecting an alien?

Winning lottery numbers perhaps?

Maybe you needed to determine the exact amount of gross expelled?

Please God refrain! Especially if you’re in front of other people!

We just don’t need to see that kind of blech!!!

I completely understand the annoyance of a drippy nose, but there are ways around it people. Maybe blow your nose IN A BATHROOM right before leaving home? Or just use the Kleenex to discreetly wipe it every now and then? But for God’s sake stop with the full out goo removal because that noise is seriously disgusting! *shudder*

And I beg you…STOP LOOKING AT IT AFTER!!! Just eeeew!

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