There’s an app for that!

Well I’m back 😀

Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote. I sold my house and was in the process of moving, so all the chaos involved with that didn’t give me much time to do anything else. I moved out yesterday and am now staying with my mom for the next three weeks until my new place is available.

Last night, after a long, hard weekend of moving boxes to a storage unit and cleaning the house from top to bottom, my mom and I decided to open a bottle of wine and finally relax. The little munchkins are with their dad this week and so it was just my mom, my oldest daughter, and I.

The night was moving along quite nicely, as wine-involved nights tend to, and we were chatting about everything from my mother’s glass art to the night sky when my sixteen year old daughter (who was sitting with us – sans wine of course) asked where ‘North’ was in relation to where we were sitting.

Keep in mind we were about two hours into the wine at this point and sitting across from each other in the dark. The fire pit was blazing between us so we couldn’t actually see each other. Here’s how the conversation went;

Jenna: *pointing in the dark* Is that North?
Mom: Where are you pointing?
Jenna: There!
Mom: I can’t see you. North is there *pointing*
Jenna: Where?
Mom: There!
Jenna: I can’t see.
Mom: Look! There! *pointing harder*
Jenna: Which way?

I laughed so hard at the ridiculousness of the moment that I almost fell off the swing mom and I were sitting on

After taking a moment to catch my breath, I pulled out my iPhone.

Me: I have an app for that.
Mom: Really?
Me: Yup! *open my compass app and laugh at mom’s amazement*
(I then opened up my 3D star map app and REALLY amazed her)
Mom: My God there’s an app for EVERYTHING!!!


While we were chatting, I accidentally bumped my empty wine glass off the edge of the swing set. It broke of course.

Sighing, I stood to find the pieces.

Mom: There’s a flashlight inside the house.
Me: No it’s ok…I have an app for that too!
Me: No mom *LMAO* I have a flashlight app.
Mom: Oh…

Laughing at her obvious disappointment, I quickly assured her that I was pretty sure someone was indeed designing an app for that too.

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