February 2013

Chicken scene copy

Why did the chickens cross the road?

My girls and I went to visit my mom and step-dad over the weekend. Since my oldest has her beginners, I try to let her drive everywhere…whenever I remember to. So this is how it came to be that we were cruising down highway 7 with me happily relaxing in the passenger seat, feeling very […]

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Coffee and near death experiences…

This morning I took a bath in hot coffee. Not on purpose. I’m not quite that addicted…yet. I suppose, now that I’ve had time to think about it, having scalding coffee splashed all over my chest might not have been the worst thing that could have happened in this situation. Once the burning stops I’ll […]

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Marilyn Monroe

I dreamed a dream!

Well I managed to cry myself awake this morning. No that wasn’t a typo. First of all let me just say…it’s SUNDAY! And 9am! And my munchkins are with their dad!         Aaaanyway…I don’t normally remember my dreams anymore, but when I wake up swimming in tears, that kind of makes it […]

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womann and car copy

Snow vs Van: An epic battle!

Words can’t even begin to explain my frustration with a small hump of snow that has been torturing me for weeks. Well, ok I suppose technically words can explain…but you get my drift. Anyway, back to the snow hump of torture. First let me say…I have wonderful neighbors. Fantastic and friendly neighbors even. So this […]

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Melting children and all that fun stuff…

I was taught an important lesson at exactly 1:12am Sunday morning. When your seven year old child tells you her tummy hurts and insists over and over that’s it’s not because she has to ‘poo’. A smart parent listens. Yesterday was a very long day trying to make sure each of my three girls had […]

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