August 2014


New site…new subscription needed!

Hi everyone, welcome to my new, permanent blog. I’ll be adding new features and possibly new pages over time depending on how adventurous and inspired I’m feeling. Feel free to leave suggestions. For those of you who were automatically getting my updated posts by email from the old site, or my RSS feed, you will […]

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Spider 1 copy

Spider gymnastics

The other day I went through my usual routine of waking up and going to pee before getting my coffee ready. As soon as I sat down bleary-eyed, I noticed an itsy bitsy teeny weenie spider on the bathroom counter. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen one as tiny as this little guy in my life. […]

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hand 1 copy

The WTF handshake game

I have recently concluded that there are people out there who have no clue about proper handshake etiquette. Every once in a while I leave the house in order to appear a somewhat functional member of society, and without fail find myself in a situation where I must shake hands or talk to someone. I’m […]

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Aug 3rd 2014 pic 5 copy

Holy crap child!

Children are fun aren’t they? In fact I find them absolutely hilarious when I’m trying to work and they realize that I absolutely DO want them to stick their precious little faces in front my laptop and disturb the crap out of me. Not only that, I’ve found that they are always hungry for some odd […]

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