June 2012


Signs, signs, everywhere are signs…

So my 91 year old grandfather, who normally lives with my mother, has come to stay over for the week so that my girls and I can spend some time with him before he jets off to Edmonton for six months to visit my mom’s sister. He’s a wonderfully amazing man who fought in WW2 […]

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My brain was apparently on vacation today.

So here’s the insanity that went through my mind today. I was at a store that was having a closing down clearance sale. While walking through, I noticed a rack of kids shorts and shirts. They had ‘Canada Day’ written on them and were bright red. I thought it would be fun for my two […]

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Asking if my day could get any worse was actually a rhetorical question not a challenge! :(

Oh my Lord what a day!!! Today started bright an early at 5am because my youngest woke up with an ear ache. She had been kind of sick for a couple days and normally ends up with ear infections when this happens, so it wasn’t unexpected. My morning consisted of writing and spending time with […]

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Physics, cooking, and smoke!!!

As I was trying to work on my writing tonight, my sixteen year old daughter came into my room complaining that she had to study for her physics exam but needed help because she didn’t understand a few things. Now I’m not one to toot my own horn or anything, but I tend to be […]

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Camping with young children (Important advice for those wanting to hang on to a shred of sanity)

I took my little girls to visit my mom, step-father, and grandfather (who lives with them) since they hadn’t seen them in a while. The plan was to stay from Thursday to Sunday. I’m home writing this on Saturday evening which should explain how that little adventure turned out. I opted to have us stay […]

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Wealth doesn’t mean happiness! (Relationship advice for the confused)

While checking my Facebook page today I came across a post by a friend and just had to share the following video: Wedding proposal (Bruno Mars – Marry You) After crying my way through it, I sat for a moment thinking about how much this man must love his girlfriend to go through all the […]

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Christmas memories…(yes I know it’s summer)

As a young child, I remember the peace and happiness I felt while growing up in the Caribbean on a small island called Trinidad. I was born there in 1977 and spent all of my childhood years there until the age of thirteen, which as any teenager would profess to, is no longer considered childhood. […]

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My BBQ’ing Adventure

So tonight I decided I would take the plunge and try my hand at bbq’ing for the first time ever. I know the fact that I am 34 and have never bbq’d before has probably shocked some of you speechless, but I’ve honestly never really had a need to do it before. First there was […]

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Book Of The Year Finalist.

Kristy Pantin has achieved ‘Finalist’ status in the international Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards for her first novel ‘The Immortal MacLeod‘.  

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enchanted wood

My Inspiration…

I was recently asked by some fans what inspired me to become an author. I wanted to come up with a quick, simple answer but sadly that was not to happen. As a writer, when someone asks me a question… instead of a quick answer, my mind automatically starts up like a diesel truck. Why […]

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