bad day ahead

Ever had a bad day?

I’ve been awake for exactly 3 hours now and I’ve already yelled “Jumanji” twice! My days are usually very calm and happy, but very, very rarely I wake up and it immediately starts out as a giant sh*tshow from hell and doesn’t stop until bedtime. I do NOT enjoy those days. First of all, both […]

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Anxiety 200 x 200

TikTok anxiety

After literally a year of my youngest child pestering me to try TikTok and attempting to show me random dances on there, I finally got curious about it when my older brother mentioned it in our weekly Facetime chat. Apparently it isn’t just all kinds of teenagers dancing for 2 seconds to random music. I […]

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The Crap I think about 2 JPG

What is astral projection?

What is astral projection you ask? Well…it’s a curious topic; how much do we really know about it, and how much do you want to bet I’ll be the one who gets lost in another plane of existence? Lord couldn’t you just imagine that? Sorry kids, no school today, mommy got lost in never-never land […]

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Silhouette Cameo picture

Funny video of unboxing the Silhouette Cameo 3

Hey guys, I decided up upload a video of when I unboxed my long-awaited Silhouette Cameo 3. And for your viewing amusement I’ve included bloopers at the end 😀 Be forewarned, there are one or two swear words so if you have young ones around…shoo them away lol. You can view the video on Youtube […]

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Canada post sign

Silhouette Cameo 3 delivery frustrations

Today was the day! I’d ordered the brand new Silhouette Cameo 3 vinyl cutter 9 days ago and had since then been VERY impatiently tracking its progress to my door on a daily basis. This thing was Bluetooth capable, could cut over 100 different materials, was capable of making custom stickers, labels, heat transfer designs […]

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Lifting weights JPG

A day with mother…and spaghetti arms!

My mom isn’t like any normal 65 year old grandma out there; she’s a black belt in karate, does aerobics, zumba, lifts weights, and does all manner of exercises in an effort to stay fit. Lately she has been frequenting the Wellness Institute with my step-dad who had decided to also travel down the fitness […]

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March 29th 2016 JPG

The birthday decor thief!

My middle child, Sky, was invited to a birthday party the other day at a bowling alley, so her little sister and I tagged along, mostly for support as Sky gets a bit anxious in new situations. We decided that we’d make a date of it and bowl in the lane alongside the party while […]

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iPhone fun!

Ok so today Lexi came into my room looking a little guilty and worried but I didn’t question it because that’s pretty much how my kids look every freaking day. Within 30 seconds Sky runs downstairs sounding like a herd of elephants that were suddenly let loose in my little, creaky, no-insulation-between-the-hardwood floor-and-basement house. She barges into […]

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Tanning bed torture

A couple days ago I decided to start tanning so that when I get to my goal weight this Christmas and take an ‘After’ pic, I’m not blinded by the fluorescent whiteness of my tummy. Yesterday was my first appointment, so I showed up, was given a quick rundown about how to use the tanning […]

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The Khaos Chronicles

Day 1 (Monday Aug 10th) 11 am: Picked up our new 8 week old puppy, Khaos. She was completely calm after initial two minutes of whining and ended up sleeping on Jenna the rest of the one hour drive home. I’m in love! 3 pm: Jenna thinks puppy shouldn’t sleep so much because it interferes […]

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Back pain and all that fun!

The other day a friend of mine was telling me about his back-pain woes. You know that whole “straw that broke the camel’s back” thing where your back behaves totally awesome one second and then the next you bend slightly to scoop a cup of ice out of the MacDonald’s ice bin and suddenly those […]

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onion laughing at girl JPG

Onions and tomatoes, and peppers! Oh my!

So on Monday I decided to try to make this chip dip thing that boyfriend’s parents make when we go over for Sunday suppers. It basically consists of white onion, tomatoes, and Serrano peppers. Pretty simple. Normally I hate raw onions. The only way I can stand them is on McDonald’s hamburgers when they are cut […]

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Archie death fish JPG

Death Fish

I’m sure you all remember my familys’ menagerie of creatures, but for those of you who have suddenly come down with a debilitating case of Alzheimer’s, allow me to remind you: I had sucky-fish (tank cleaning creature) My two youngest girls had fishies galore…all named ‘Fishy’ My oldest daughter had Chicken the Cute Gecko Philis […]

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Pic 2

Screw you screw!

I’ve been speed walking on the treadmill for two weeks now, and two days ago I decided that I had been working out for long enough to make me a great athlete, capable of amazing feats. I decided that speed walking was so close to jogging that I might as well do that because I […]

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Archie the Sick Betta JPG

The Pantin Menagerie of Pets

Ahhhh pets! Is it just me, or should pets actually be…pet-able??? What I would give for a sweet, cuddly dog. Once in a while I attempt to be a good pet owner’s mother and actually clean the fish tank of the fishies that belong to my two youngest kids. We have 10 now, and why […]

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Tea story

Conversation with my 18 year old daughter last night:   ME: Hey Jenna, can you please make me some of your chai tea? JENNA: But I only have 30 left! ME: Actually you have 20. JENNA: But I only have 20 left! ME: No wait, you had one today…19. JENNA: *sigh* But I only have […]

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GolfCart jpg

Golf cart craziness

Yesterday I went out to Beausejour with my boyfriend and his kids to visit a friend of his for her birthday. I think Sonny learned a whole lot about me that day, for instance: Silly string wars will always be won by me… …and when going on golf cart adventures, it’s best to make sure I’m […]

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New site…new subscription needed!

Hi everyone, welcome to my new, permanent blog. I’ll be adding new features and possibly new pages over time depending on how adventurous and inspired I’m feeling. Feel free to leave suggestions. For those of you who were automatically getting my updated posts by email from the old site, or my RSS feed, you will […]

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Spider 1 copy

Spider gymnastics

The other day I went through my usual routine of waking up and going to pee before getting my coffee ready. As soon as I sat down bleary-eyed, I noticed an itsy bitsy teeny weenie spider on the bathroom counter. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen one as tiny as this little guy in my life. […]

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hand 1 copy

The WTF handshake game

I have recently concluded that there are people out there who have no clue about proper handshake etiquette. Every once in a while I leave the house in order to appear a somewhat functional member of society, and without fail find myself in a situation where I must shake hands or talk to someone. I’m […]

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Aug 3rd 2014 pic 5 copy

Holy crap child!

Children are fun aren’t they? In fact I find them absolutely hilarious when I’m trying to work and they realize that I absolutely DO want them to stick their precious little faces in front my laptop and disturb the crap out of me. Not only that, I’ve found that they are always hungry for some odd […]

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laundry photo

Laundry laughs

Alright so I bought one of those shopping carts from Safeway that’s meant to get stuff from your car to your apartment. Here’s the thing about this particular cart. The font wheels are smaller than the back ones so the cart actually angles forward slightly. This means that if you bump something like a carpet […]

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Fitness Fears

Ok so two days ago I decided to join the gym to get rid of this last bit of weight that has been plaguing me for far too long. I also miss working out because it makes me feel happy after. Now here’s the thing…remember that whole shy/introversion crap? Well it is currently annoying my […]

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Work stories: Part 4

Ok so an hour ago, at work, I had to pee. This isn’t unusual as I seem to have the stupidest bladder in the history of mankind. The problem was that someone was in the staff washroom at the time, so I had to use the one outside the office in the hallway. The public […]

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bus chronicles part 6

The Bus Chronicles (Part 6)

So I’m pretty sure I was involved in a threesome on my bus ride home today. What on earth is it with people thinking the bus is their own personal space? They pick their noses, scratch their privates, smell, fart, and basically try their best to make me vomit on a daily basis. I’m not […]

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The Bus Chronicles (Part 5)

This morning on the bus, there was a girl putting mascara on while holding a Robin’s Donuts cup of coffee between her knees and looking into the side of her mascara container…which I could only assume held a sliver of mirror. Two things immediately stuck out here; firstly…she hadn’t drunk her coffee yet so she […]

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fairy 2

The Bus Chronicles (Part 4)

Bus zombies are incredibly disgusting. I was taking the bus home yesterday and was sitting forward, facing the sideways bench at the front of the bus. This means the woman in front of me was like…in my face!!! She had a cold and pulled out Kleenex to blow her nose. Here’s the thing… I HATE […]

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Work Stories (Part 3)

Today at work, there was just the office manager and I up front because our co-worker decided to take a long weekend. Remember Gimpy? Yeah that one. Don’t worry she didn’t break anything else…yet. Now let me explain…the three of us have a seriously fun time at work. I’m talking stomach cramping laughter, piss your […]

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The Bus Chronicles (Part 3)

My bus rides are never boring, and Friday’s was no exception. I had woken up at 4:30 that morning with a bad migraine, so by the time 6am rolled around, it took longer than normal to get ready for work. My migraine was down to a dull roar at that point, thanks to my life-saving […]

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Work stories (Part 2)

Ok so most of you know how much morning hates me right? Despite the fact that I’m a very happy and positive person…if I don’t get my required cup of coffee and some quiet time alone when I first wake up, I’m liable to go medieval on any poor soul who even thinks of speaking […]

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Dental Disasters (Part 2)

HOLY CRAP! What the hell is with my mouth?!?! If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you will already know that I have some serious issues with having dental work done. It’s not even that I’m scared of the sharp pointy, drilly, shock me to death tools…which by the way I totally am, just in […]

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Work stories (Part 1)

A few months ago I decided that I was in desperate need of human interaction, so I decided to get a job outside the home. I’ve always been home with my girls, but since my youngest had just started kindergarten and I had completely forgotten how to converse with actual adult-like people, I thought it […]

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redhair girl

The Bus Chronicles (Part 2)

Yesterday I once again took the transit bus home from work. I stood by the back door until a man got off leaving an open spot beside the step that leads up to the back of the bus, next to a woman in a white jacket. I promptly sat beside her, happily rejoicing in the […]

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Wednesday…the new Monday!

So I should warn you all that Wednesday heard that I was doing away with Monday in favor of ‘Someday’ and decided it was taking over. Apparently the days of the week need some kind of rebellious annoy-as-crap leader to make the rest of them look good in comparison. I’m working on this little glitch […]

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Holy crap, what was with Monday!!! I know it’s Tuesday (or Wednesday by the time you get this in your email), but THAT is how long it took to recover enough to write about it. I’m still traumatized! I normally wash my hair Sunday’s, Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s because I exercise from Saturday – Thursday each […]

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The Bus Chronicles (Part 1)

Facebook / Twitter Ok so I started taking the bus to work and have realized WTF IS WITH ALL THESE LUNATICS??? Apparently I board the bus to Crazytown every bloody day. Plus I’m sure they are all slowly turning into zombies and will kill me soon. Seriously, I found a bone on the bus the […]

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dating list

The dating ‘Must Have’ list…

Dating! It’s a terrifying word to some and comes with all kinds of interesting and mind altering consequences. If you’re going the internet dating route which, in my humble opinion, is far better than a blind date or meeting in a bar, you at least get to see what the person looks like in order […]

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Red Flags

Recently I was asked advice on a relationship dispute of one of my friends. She had a problem with her boyfriend and said she saw red flags. I, on the other hand, after hearing about her problem, decided that the issue was worth more of a yellow or some softer colored flag. Red just seemed […]

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My new adventure!

By Kristy Pantin / @kristypantin Well I’ve decided to get back into working with clay (in between writing of course). I bought a bunch of clay and all the tools necessary to make things with it about eight years ago, but after finishing two pieces, having  more kids, and running a daycare for a few […]

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Dental Disasters (Part 1)

By Kristy Pantin / @kristypantin Last Tuesday I went to the dentist for a root canal and was sedated a little (A LOT!!!) Yes I’m a chicken at the dentist. I’ve had a bad experience in the past when an orthodontist was putting on braces in Trinidad. As he was using a pointy instrument to […]

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dancing kids png copy

Chaos at the park!

By Kristy Pantin / @kristypantin   During the week I  went to what is know as ‘Folk Dance in the Park’. Basically it’s about a million-gagillion children between the ages of six and nine, all gathered together in one location with roughly one supervising teacher  for every twenty or so kids.     In short…CHAOS!       […]

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Air-conditioner gone A.W.O.L.

By Kristy Pantin | @kristypantin Well I’ve had yet another learning experience. My girls and I have been living in an air-condition-less house since it warmed up. Luckily that hasn’t been too long. We made do by opening the windows when the fluctuating weather was cold, in order to cool the house down. Living in […]

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Fly me a river…

By Kristy Pantin | @kristypantin My five year old daughter just cried hysterically while running from the top floor of our townhouse aaaaall the way to my room in the basement. Three floors! That’s two ridiculously long staircases and three hallways. I have a monitor set up so that I can hear the girls from […]

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spider web

Vengeful bbq spiders

You know how my cooking adventures always seem to end up somewhat life-threatening? Well yesterday was a fine example of what NOT to do when bbq’ing. I recently thought it was about time to get a bbq, since I had been without one since my ex-husband and I split. I decided on a propane one, […]

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glass stuff

To save or not to save?

Yesterday I decided to get started on making my mom’s webpage for her business, Painted Daisy Art Glass Studio. I am using a program that randomly popped up as an ad on my Facebook page. You know…the ads I swore I’d never click because I hate the fact that they litter my wonderfully peaceful page. […]

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Discounted copy of ‘SOULMATES: An Affair To Remember’

My book has been selling so well that for a limited time I’ve decided to make the ebook version available to you for only $1.99. Just click on the link to go to the website and enter the coupon code at checkout to receive your discount. This code expires in just one week (May 12th) […]

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craft stuff 1

Call me Sparkles…

I decided to do some summery crafts with my munchkins yesterday in hopes that it would convince that stubborn season to come out of hiding a bit sooner. I planned for them to make summer-like things that we could string in front of the window. I planned for them to use craft paper and scissors. […]

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Chicken scene copy

Why did the chickens cross the road?

My girls and I went to visit my mom and step-dad over the weekend. Since my oldest has her beginners, I try to let her drive everywhere…whenever I remember to. So this is how it came to be that we were cruising down highway 7 with me happily relaxing in the passenger seat, feeling very […]

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Coffee and near death experiences…

This morning I took a bath in hot coffee. Not on purpose. I’m not quite that addicted…yet. I suppose, now that I’ve had time to think about it, having scalding coffee splashed all over my chest might not have been the worst thing that could have happened in this situation. Once the burning stops I’ll […]

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Marilyn Monroe

I dreamed a dream!

Well I managed to cry myself awake this morning. No that wasn’t a typo. First of all let me just say…it’s SUNDAY! And 9am! And my munchkins are with their dad!         Aaaanyway…I don’t normally remember my dreams anymore, but when I wake up swimming in tears, that kind of makes it […]

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womann and car copy

Snow vs Van: An epic battle!

Words can’t even begin to explain my frustration with a small hump of snow that has been torturing me for weeks. Well, ok I suppose technically words can explain…but you get my drift. Anyway, back to the snow hump of torture. First let me say…I have wonderful neighbors. Fantastic and friendly neighbors even. So this […]

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Melting children and all that fun stuff…

I was taught an important lesson at exactly 1:12am Sunday morning. When your seven year old child tells you her tummy hurts and insists over and over that’s it’s not because she has to ‘poo’. A smart parent listens. Yesterday was a very long day trying to make sure each of my three girls had […]

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Very smooth!!!

So the other day I decided to put up a curtain rod in my new place. The one that was on the wall was from about the 1970’s, you know…the kind that uses those weirdly shaped curtain hook thingys. Yes I’m feeling quite eloquent today 😀 So anyway, I wasn’t about to attempt trying to find a […]

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Boo at the zoo!

Well today was filled with whining, a little crying, and a lot of funny. I invited a friend of mine to bring her kids down for the afternoon so we could all go to the zoo together. Her kids are friends with my kids, and since we had just moved…I thought it would be nice […]

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There’s an app for that!

Well I’m back 😀 Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote. I sold my house and was in the process of moving, so all the chaos involved with that didn’t give me much time to do anything else. I moved out yesterday and am now staying with my mom for the next […]

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dream fears

Wanted: Boyfriend solely for night time monster protection.

So today, as I was sitting in bed, minding my own business, typing away on my laptop, not bugging anybody, my computer suddenly spelled out “HAHAHAHA” as I was typing a sentence. Now my first thought, which happened before I could properly transition my brain from ‘horror writing’ to reality, was that my computer was […]

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scared child

False teeth folly

Wow I’ve been seriously busy lately trying to pack since my house has just been sold, but I had a few moments to spare so thought I’d regale you with a story about something funny, and no doubt traumatizing, that happened to my two youngest daughters the other day. My ninety one year old grandfather […]

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Signs, signs, everywhere are signs…

So my 91 year old grandfather, who normally lives with my mother, has come to stay over for the week so that my girls and I can spend some time with him before he jets off to Edmonton for six months to visit my mom’s sister. He’s a wonderfully amazing man who fought in WW2 […]

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My brain was apparently on vacation today.

So here’s the insanity that went through my mind today. I was at a store that was having a closing down clearance sale. While walking through, I noticed a rack of kids shorts and shirts. They had ‘Canada Day’ written on them and were bright red. I thought it would be fun for my two […]

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Asking if my day could get any worse was actually a rhetorical question not a challenge! :(

Oh my Lord what a day!!! Today started bright an early at 5am because my youngest woke up with an ear ache. She had been kind of sick for a couple days and normally ends up with ear infections when this happens, so it wasn’t unexpected. My morning consisted of writing and spending time with […]

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Physics, cooking, and smoke!!!

As I was trying to work on my writing tonight, my sixteen year old daughter came into my room complaining that she had to study for her physics exam but needed help because she didn’t understand a few things. Now I’m not one to toot my own horn or anything, but I tend to be […]

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Camping with young children (Important advice for those wanting to hang on to a shred of sanity)

I took my little girls to visit my mom, step-father, and grandfather (who lives with them) since they hadn’t seen them in a while. The plan was to stay from Thursday to Sunday. I’m home writing this on Saturday evening which should explain how that little adventure turned out. I opted to have us stay […]

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Wealth doesn’t mean happiness! (Relationship advice for the confused)

While checking my Facebook page today I came across a post by a friend and just had to share the following video: Wedding proposal (Bruno Mars – Marry You) After crying my way through it, I sat for a moment thinking about how much this man must love his girlfriend to go through all the […]

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Christmas memories…(yes I know it’s summer)

As a young child, I remember the peace and happiness I felt while growing up in the Caribbean on a small island called Trinidad. I was born there in 1977 and spent all of my childhood years there until the age of thirteen, which as any teenager would profess to, is no longer considered childhood. […]

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My BBQ’ing Adventure

So tonight I decided I would take the plunge and try my hand at bbq’ing for the first time ever. I know the fact that I am 34 and have never bbq’d before has probably shocked some of you speechless, but I’ve honestly never really had a need to do it before. First there was […]

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Book Of The Year Finalist.

Kristy Pantin has achieved ‘Finalist’ status in the international Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards for her first novel ‘The Immortal MacLeod‘.  

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enchanted wood

My Inspiration…

I was recently asked by some fans what inspired me to become an author. I wanted to come up with a quick, simple answer but sadly that was not to happen. As a writer, when someone asks me a question… instead of a quick answer, my mind automatically starts up like a diesel truck. Why […]

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