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To save or not to save?

Yesterday I decided to get started on making my mom’s webpage for her business, Painted Daisy Art Glass Studio. I am using a program that randomly popped up as an ad on my Facebook page. You know…the ads I swore I’d never click because I hate the fact that they litter my wonderfully peaceful page.

I clicked.

Grudgingly I must admit it was a good thing because it led me to a website designing page. I have training in web design, but this site makes it EXTREMELY easy and fast to accomplish what would normally take days or even weeks of manual coding.

It was so fast that it took me 6 hours to complete most of the website (which had a total of about 6 pages, shopping cart and all)

Six precious hours that went down the tube once I hit the page’s close button without saving my work.

Why, you may ask, did I close without saving?

It wasn’t complete stupidity on my part, I assure you. Well…not completely anyway.

I had looked for roughly five minutes for a log-out button, and when one didn’t jump out happily at me waving its arms, I decided that maybe it would ask me to save once I close it.

It did…kinda.

It warned me that if I navigated away from the page, any unsaved info would be lost.

Thinking about that for a few moments, I went back to the page and looked around once again for a save button.

Now you’re thinking that maybe there wasn’t a save button right? But no…you would be wrong. There was indeed a save button, but my eyes refused to see it. Strange how they play tricks on me like that.

Strange, and not the least bit funny.

So, not feeling as if I had any other option, I hit close again, clicked ‘ok’ to navigate away and hoped for the best.

This is how, a few hours later when I logged back in to continue my work, I found myself staring at a mostly empty webpage. Apparently I hadn’t hoped hard enough, so Murphy’s Law found hilarity in giving me back only the work I had saved after the first ten minutes.  Ha ha…ha…   🙁

Amazing how the ‘Save’ button was magically apparent after 10 minutes but gone A.W.O.L. after the 6 hour mark.

Needless to say I was up until after midnight so that I could re-code the entire website enough to surprise my mom with it when she comes over tonight. It’s not finished of course because there are about a million products for me still to input into the shopping cart feature, but it’s enough that she’ll have a general idea of how it will look, which should make her day and give her something to look forward to.

I can’t wait to finish and have it up and running for her. She truly does amazing work. Here’s an example of a picture, centerpiece, and coaster set. She’s also going to be starting jewellery. Each piece is hand-made, gorgeous, and unique.


























Apparently I get my creative, artistic genes from her 🙂

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