Wealth doesn’t mean happiness! (Relationship advice for the confused)

While checking my Facebook page today I came across a post by a friend and just had to share the following video:

Wedding proposal (Bruno Mars – Marry You)

After crying my way through it, I sat for a moment thinking about how much this man must love his girlfriend to go through all the trouble and time setting this up.

Why do so many people these days assume they must spend thousands of dollars to make an impression and show they really care?

I’m guessing this man spent absolutely nothing on this entire episode, except maybe to rent the costumes those few people were wearing, but then again…he’s an actor so he may have just had access to those costumes through a theater program or acting club or something. For the purpose of my story, I’m just going to go with $0.00 spent.

This little production took a lot of effort on his part. First he had to approach the family members, then beg them to agree to dance in the street like no one was watching, and finally, organize secret meetings that worked with everyone so that they could all get together to learn the choreography…all while not getting his girlfriend suspicious about why he was disappearing for hours on end.

This must have taken weeks to put together. It was well thought out, and a lot had to be dealt with and taken into consideration.

So what I’m saying is…if you want a chance at a good, long lasting relationship, be with someone who not only makes your heart race, but who also does the things that really show the extent of their feelings for you.

If they believe money always has to be spent to show they care, or to show you care about them, what will happen once the money runs out?

Here are some ideas:

  • If the person normally packs a lunch for work, slip a little note in saying “I love you!”
  • Don’t forget a quick kiss goodbye, even if it’s chaotic in the mornings.
  • After work, take a few moments to ask how their day went…and actually listen to their answer  😉
  • Plan a date night even if you’ve been together for a thousand years.
  • At night, before going to sleep, whisper “I missed you today” (little things like this reassure your partner that you think about them during the day)
  • Send a text during the day…even if it’s something simple like “Smile, someone’s thinking about you” (Leave the dirty texts for other times, it really does mean more this way)
  • Sit or lie together while watching a movie.
  • Walk up to your partner and wrap your arms around them from behind while they are doing dishes or something, and just hold them quietly for a moment.

Now don’t go doing all of these suggestions in one day because they may freak out and wonder what the hell you did wrong and why you are buttering them up. Not good!

While some of these things – like kissing goodbye in the mornings or asking how their day went – can be done every day, others are best done maybe two to three times a week.  Mix it up, spread it out, or else you may find your partner sitting across the table at supper time glaring at you suspiciously, especially if this is not normal behavior for you.

So what I’m trying to get across is…money doesn’t show you care. Yes it can be helpful at times in association with the very thoughtful thing you are doing, but it really is the little things that matter…at least it is if the person is truly worth being with.

Have a great day and go hug someone you love 🙂


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