Wednesday…the new Monday!

So I should warn you all that Wednesday heard that I was doing away with Monday in favor of ‘Someday’ and decided it was taking over.

Apparently the days of the week need some kind of rebellious annoy-as-crap leader to make the rest of them look good in comparison.

I’m working on this little glitch as we speak.

Today was I-want-to-be-a-blizzard day, and true to the rebellious nature of Wednesday-turned-Monday, it snowed all bloody day and made life difficult for everyone.

My bus ride to work took a full 40 minutes (instead of 20), and the ride home was even better. Oh where do I even begin?

There I was, minding my own business, waiting for my bus…

It is 4:30 at this point.

After 45 minutes and four absent “EXPRESS” busses later, I finally realized that my bus drivers had been eaten by zombies.

Other busses came and went, including one of mine, but it was way too full and just chugged on by while the driver waved merrily at us frozen, snowy folk.

If my legs hadn’t been numbed by the cold and frozen in position by that point, due to my silly idea of NOT wearing full arctic winter gear to wait for my never-arriving bus, I would have chased after him and…well…looked at him sternly or something.

Sadly I’m not one for confrontation.

Anyway, after freezing my butt off for 45 minutes I decided that the only option was to board a random bus and hope that it took me somewhere in the general direction of home.

For those of you who know me, you understand why this decision was not made lightly.

The ONLY bus I ever take is my one express bus. It runs like every 10 minutes in the afternoon, so I’ve never had a reason to research any other busses.

I see the error of my ways now.

I got on the next bus that came along. It said it was going to the U of M.

I figured this was close enough and decided that I’d just come up with some miraculous way of getting home on the way there.

Let me add…I’m the kind of person who has social anxiety.

You would absolutely never know this by looking at me or by my behavior because I come across as very confident.

It’s a big fat chocolate covered lie!

I’m actually scared sh*tless in new situations, or situations that have me in the center of attention.

So there I was obsessing about having to go to the bus driver closer to my stop to ask if he stopped at a certain place or not.

The reason for this is that if he did, I HAD to get off there or I’d be going in the completely wrong direction.

I freaked out for exactly one hour before calling my mommy.

She was coming into the city to sleep over anyway so she could watch my girls the next day as they don’t have school on Thursday or Friday this week. It just so happened she would eventually be driving near the spot I’d get off.


I told her where I’d be and begged her to pick me up or I’d be lost forever and have to walk home in a blizzard, then would get eaten by wild hungry deer on the way home and my children would be without a mom, also Someday would revert back to Monday and the entire world would crumble from the chaos.

I may have exaggerated slightly.

She picked me up.

I got home at 7pm.

This means I got home two and a half HOURS after I left work.

What the hell happened to my 20 minute bus ride?

Damn you Wednesday!

And damn the bus-driver-eating-zombies!!!

Oh and damn winter…and crappy weather…and bus rides.

Tomorrow I’m definitely taking the car so that I have at least one day to recover from the stress of busses.

Why Wednesday? Why must you torture me so?

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